May Contain Lies

How Stories, Statistics and Studies Exploit Our Biases – And What We Can Do About It

Coming 25th April

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“A powerful and punchy explanation of why misinformation is a problem that affects us all – be that in finance, politics, media, business or anywhere else. Edmans offers clear ideas about how to counter this, not just in our own lives but also across society as a whole. Timely and very provocative!”

Gillian Tett

Editor-at-Large, Financial Times

A masterpiece! A must-read book that is both a delight to consume and sure to improve the quality of your thinking. We all want to know how to avoid biased decisions and draw more accurate conclusions. Edmans offers a riveting read that will help you dodge common mistakes and more successfully analyze evidence.”

Katy Milkman

Wharton Professor and author of How to Change

May Contain Lies is a fascinating account of how our beliefs can be manipulated in a post-truth world. It is an easy read, full of examples on how we can be led astray. Importantly, this book by one of the leading academic experts on corporate governance in the world, offers a guide to the reader on how to navigate through lies and misleading statistics to arrive at a reasonable approximation of the truth. It will be a valuable aid to make sense of our confusing world.”

Raghuram G. Rajan

Former Chief Economist at the International Monetary Fund

The world is awash with information – fact, fake and all shades in between. This book is not only brilliantly researched and written but immensely practical in helping guide us through this thicket of (mis)information in the everyday decisions we make. I am already drawing on its insights in my everyday decision-making.”

Andy Haldane

Former Chief Economist at the Bank of England

Treat this endorsement with caution – or so would argue author Alex Edmans. This is simultaneously a passionate and dispassionate call to truth – and how to achieve it – in a world of growing disinformation in which truth and common ground are the casualties. Everyone reading this hard-hitting but still entertaining book will feel challenged; so we all should.”

Will Hutton

President of the Academy of Social Sciences and author of The State We’re In

Mass disinformation and poor understanding of basic statistics are the hallmarks of our ‘information age’. Alex Edmans’s book is the much-needed antidote”

Vaclav Smil

Author of How the World Really Works and Numbers Don’t Lie

A hard-hitting book with some great stories.”

Andrew Gelman

Professor of Statistics and Political Science, Columbia University